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Landfill - Daughter

how i hope to one day spend my sunday mornings.



this is a commercial 

it has a bigger moral than 99% of movies

holy sh*t i’m actually crying

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Hello to our Tumblr followers! This is the first official post from The Rose Box! Our central focus is true, inner beauty for women. Embracing true feminine beauty in a society revolving around sex appeal and body image is a major struggle for all women. The Rose Box encourages women to take a step towards living out inner beauty through modest, realistic, and fashionable attire.
About Katy:
My name is Katy I am a Sophomore in college at The Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio. I am a women who struggles with the same thing as most women… that includes insecurities. I have struggled with body image almost my entire life, and with that the placement of self-worth in my appearance. I convinced myself at a very young age, that the better body I had, the more lovable I would be to others. I often dressed in a way that I was assured by social pressures, would make me more appealing to men. I thought that was the key to being happy. I thought my bodies best purpose was conforming to the cultural image of a women. If you can relate to any of my these lies that I revolved my life around, you probably understand the exhausting, unfulfilling truth about them… they are lies. Women were created for a much different purpose than to fit a mold. They are, in fact, the crown of creation. The enemy desperately wants you to believe that you are not enough, and the truth is, YOU ARE ENOUGH! The Rose Box encourages women to embrace true beauty through highlighting our genuine being and standing out in a culture that is filled with moral conflict. 
About Aley:
Hello people of tumblr! My name is Aley Rose and I am also going to be a sophomore at Franciscan University of Steubenville. I grew up in the beautiful and sunny Orange County, California. I am not pretending that I am a fashion expert, but I have grown to love to put outfits together with the latest trends, do my hair in new and fun ways, paint my nails with fun patterns and designs, and basically all things girly. Our goal with this blog is to show that as a woman and daughter of God, we deserve to be treated with respect and that includes respecting yourself and having dignity. I really think that a common misconception is that dressing modestly means dressing frumpy and old.. but we want to prove that wrong! This blog is going to be centered around our own journey towards modesty and true beauty. We cannot wait to share our clothing, hair, nail, makeup, and tons of other tips!
Katy Rose & Aley Rose

"Music, that is the science or the sense of proper modulation, is likewise given by God’s generosity to mortals having rational souls in order to lead them to higher things."

- Saint Augustine